Friday, April 24, 2009

Our First Post

Hey Guys
Welcome to our New Blog, Fabulous in Green ( and black).  I thought that since both my sister and I are making consistent efforts to live a "green" lifestyle that maybe we could blog about it and give our input.  I know that right now being "green" is becoming kind of a cliche.  Everything is "green" and "natural" and "organic", and a lot of that is marketing.  Even though I love that manufacters are now  doing something to make an impact(or a lessor one), I am afraid that it something that is going to be  a forgotten trend, something similar to Low-carb and riboflavin*.

In fact, when I talk about my lifestyle, I try to never use the word green.  I just tell people that I began to make changes that enables my family to leave less of a mark. 

Even though I have contiously enbraced this lifetstyle, it is not something that I go around bragging about self-rightously.  I still have a LOOOOONG way to go.  I mean, there may be times you may catch me running into Target and carrying out a plactic bag because I forgot one of my baziilion bags at home.  Or buying things that I don't really need.   Or any other innumerable instances.  The point of me doing this blog is to examine what I have done and to explore what I can do.   

It is my hope that this blog does well and achieves the goal of setting up a dialogue and inspiring each other to do better.  

I promise the tone of my next blog will not be as somber.  I like to keep it light, but I wanted to stress my issues and set the stage for things to come.  

Now lets go make some change!!!!!!!

*(I am posting a 90'sqoute from the Dave Barry in regards to riboflavin, I am looking for the article in it's entirey, but for now enjoy the excerpt)When I purchase a food item at the supermarket, I can be confident that the label will state how much riboflavin is in it. The United States government requires this, and for a good reason, which is: I have no idea. I don't even know what riboflavin is. I do know I eat a lot of it. For example, I often start the day with a hearty Kellogg's strawberry Pop-Tart, which has, according to the label, a riboflavin rating of 10 percent. I assume this means that 10 percent of the Pop-Tart is riboflavin. Maybe it's the red stuff in the middle. Anyway, I'm hoping riboflavin is a good thing; if it turns out that it's a bad thing, like "riboflavin" is the Latin word for "cockroach pus," then I am definitely in trouble.

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